1. It's the one music festival I’ll never make it to. Me and the camping don’t mix. But the Coachella playlist is one of my faves. The lineup is super strong and there’s always a ton of stuff to choose from. LIZZO!!!!!!

2.  The playlist is a three-song circuit. Each circuit has one song for cadence, intervals and endurance.  The goal is to connect with your body to attack each song/drill differently.  "Pedal diversity" as we call it.

3.  Here’s a link to the 2018 Coachella playlist. I reused the playlist in October. As I come up on five years of teaching spin, I’m learning to be ok with repeating a playlist. My riders tell me they don’t mind and honestly don’t remember the playlists. It’s likely my self-diagnosed ADHD…. I hear the playlist A LOT. Especially during planning.

4.  Beyond music festivals, the spring is the best part of the cycling season. Last week was the Amstel Gold road race. It had the best finish to a bike race I’ve ever seen. Cyclocross cyclists are starting to make waves on the road. Mathieu van der Pohl dominated ‘cross and this is his first year on the road and he’s making his presence known.

5. This weekend is our 90 minute ride at Equinox Bethesda. Bring a USB drive! Let’s dig into your numbers. I’ll discuss ways to analyze the raw data our Stages bikes give us. I mean, at some point, you gotta stop geeking out about MAX numbers. It’s only 1/100th of a second. Hard to hang your hat on that.

Revolutions per minute (RPMs), or cadence, is an important cycling metric.

Revolutions per minute (RPMs), or cadence, is an important cycling metric.

6. Our April/May focus is breathing and cadence.  Once you establish your ideal cadence (lots of debate on what that is), slowly adding resistance will increase speed/watts.  Many indoor riders go straight to all-out sprint mode.  It's fun.  You lose your breath and get to feel accomplished.  A harder feat is to maintain your push over longer durations.  I wrote an article on cadence for Echelon. You may find it useful.

8.  Big week in cycling last week. The men’s hour record was set. Just over 55km — 33ish miles.

9.  Speaking of endurance.  I watched this movie called Fair Chase. The premise, inspired by the movie/book Born to Run, it that humans can outrun almost any animal.  So these endurance runners look to chase down an antelope.  Here's the trailer: