1) I tend to stay away from using cycling terms in an indoor cycling environment. I feel it’s disrespectful. The 30 second climb simply doesn’t exist in cycling. And if it did, it would be an UBER rough, suffer-FEST. You lose a lot when you ride outside. Not so much when riding indoors. Cuz, all we do is WIN WIN WIN . . right?

2) When the Yankees win, they play Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York”. When we (life time Yankee fan here) lose, it’s the Liza Minelli version. Luckily, unlike cycling, we do more winning than losing.

3) I include one of those tracks in this week’s playlist and ask riders to self-scout their effort. Which song would they play after one of our three effort blocks. As the new year starts, just don’t do what you did last year. Be willing to learn from the past and become more efficient on the bike.

4) The playlist is a three song medley: Cadence/Builds/Intervals. You’ve given me very positive feedback on our triad rides. I appreciate that! Here’s the EverNote file (I memorize my cues, but the notes with reusability) with my profile notes thoughts. Still trying to find balance between brevity and utility as I share these.

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 12.44.27 PM.png

5) In our cover art, it’s important to note the gender representation. This week’s inspiration is from French Impressionist artist Henri Toulouse Lautrec. Released in 1896 the Simpson chain was to revolutionize cycling. It didn’t. But the artwork has stood the test of time.
6) Lautrec is known as one of the greatest draughtsman of his time. In recent years, museums have started taking X-rays of pantings. Often revealing cover-ups and sometimes even whole painting underneath the final layer of paint. Lautrec’s work reveals nothing! His ability to draw and be confident in his first stroke puts him in rare air as an artist. Improvisation heavy Jazz musicians are equally known for their one (first) take ideology.

7) . Speaking of art, many of you have complimented the craftiness of Rachel Petruccillo on the holiday card.  Check out her website and follow her on Instagram

8) I taught my last 11am class at Mint DC today. It was a tough decision but a necessary one for my growth as a rider and writer. I’m hoping to come back at some point. The present concept had run its course and I want to bring a new challenge to my riders. I didn’t say goodbye, cuz it’s not really about me. Gonna miss yall though!

9) I came across a documentary called “Wonderful Losers".” The name says it all. Check it out on Vimeo.