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1) It’s been a while. It was a fantastic Tour de France and my summer bike trip was fantastic. We’ll have plenty of time to talk about that come September. when the blog (and possibly a podcast) re-launches.
2) For now, the focus is summer and enjoying it to the MAX! Hopefully you’re getting those outdoor adventures in — on and off the bike. I won’t be mad if you miss a few classes to explore the great outdoors.
3) If you’ve been getting your outdoor work in, please send me a note. I’d love to hear about your travails.
4) And that includes our Lollapalooza playlist. I really dig outdoor festivals. You can catch a bunch of great bands without listening to openers.
5) Though sometimes the opener can be bananas too. I saw Kamasi Washington open for Herbie Hancock on Sunday in Philly. No complaining there!

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“fists of Fury” by @kamasiwashington #jazz

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6) The three song medley contains one build track (escalating resistance or cadence), a cadence track and an interval.
7) These medley profiles challenge riders to develop pedal diversity — not just doing the same thing every song. Indoors, we make the choice of when the push/effort is done. Outdoors, the decision is made for you. Learning to generate watts in different ways is a great weapon when it comes to performance.
8) We’ll talk about the artists on each of these tracks. As I come up on five years of teaching indoor cycling, the music motivates me more than ever before. Top 40 ain’t my thing and I’m blessed to have a group who is willing to expand beyond what’s popular.
9) Have you set a fall goal for the bike? Train now to succeed later. Training sans a goal doesn’t really work . Set those goals!