1. This week’s playlist continues our push to work beyond one song as we pedal.  The idea that cycling is done in 3 to 4-minute intervals is somewhat foreign to me.  I don’t see the runners doing this on the treadmill . . . let’s work over time.

2. I recently saw a cool surfing documentary called “Momentum Generation.”  It got me thinking about how long surfers spend riding the wave. Is it 10 seconds?  30? Depending on the size of the wave the time differs. I’d like to do the same thing with spin class.

3.  This week’s ride has 4 waves.  The goal is to stay engaged over the course of multiple songs.  Kinda like riding the wave.
4.  I don’t think surfers run out of breath since they aren’t really ‘working’ on the board.  I could be wrong, but I presume they have a way of not hitting the wall. It’s not like they get recovery and then can continue.

5.  Planes come equipped with a system called the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS).  It tells planes when an object is approaching. Instead of hitting the wall, they get a warning.  

6. One of our goals for this year is the ability to pull back on the throttle and slow down before we crash.  I’m not knocking recovery, just not every 60 seconds. Recovery isn’t a badge of honor . . . learn how NOT to lose your breath.  

7. Sometimes the ability to maintain your breath comes down to focus.  I recently wrote an article on keeping your focus on the indoor bike.  I’d love your feedback.

8. I was able to get away over the weekend and do a little riding in Florida.  It was nice to get away from the cold and see my boy and my niece. I wrote about it. Check it out here.

9. Happy MLK Day.  Did you know he rode a bike?