1) I refuse to teach 1000 first classes. I start the new year fresh and build in challenges as we go. I mean, you can’t ALWAYS WIN and be the best.
2) As you start your new year on the bike, change something up, maybe set a cycling resolution. Provide new challenges for your body.

You should know  the Sketch Guy.

You should know the Sketch Guy.

3) Indoor cycling is great because everyone can do something. With the new year, it’s always a challenge to keep my regulars interested while still offering something to the neophytes. That was my inspiration for this weekend’s class.
4) Today, we did our second Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test — I’ve written about this prior. Your average watts (times .95) is your estimated FTP. I like to tease with the mens and women’s hour records to give you a sense of what can be done on a bike. The numbers are impressive.

5) The playlist contained a 20 minute block of songs where one’s average watts become an estimate of how long you can pedal for one hour.

6. Most people get enamored with the ‘breathless’ aspect of cycling. Today, and in most of my classes, we try NOT to lose our breath. The 20 minute FTP test is an effort that requires two things: breathing and pedaling.
6. Well, you also need to know a little about power (or watts). Watts depict the amount of energy you are putting into the bike. Speed and watts shouldn’t be confused.
7. This is where power to weight ratio comes in. A lighter rider doesn’t need as much power to get up a hill as a heavier one. Cycling Weekly has a nice image on the concept.: As the road tilts upwards, watts as a function of your weight, becomes a key metric. On the flats, weight is less of a factor.

Photo courtesy of Cycling Weekly

Photo courtesy of Cycling Weekly

8) Strava recently released stats from their riders, worldwide. Riders in their 40’s and 50s were the most active and fastest.
9) I added a little New Orleans brass band, the Grammy nominated Hot 8 Brass Band on the playlist. I got to see them while in New Orleans over the new year. They play weekly at The Howlin Wolf.