1. It's the end of summer so we rock out with a Coachella Playlist.  We'll soon wish we had 100 degree days!   

[FYI, I'll only be posting playlists through September.  Once the cycling season is over and everyone is back from summer excursions, I feel less of a need to share these.  I write these for my riders and to give back to those instructors who shared with me when I was a newbie]

2.  The playlist has a three-song circuit. Each circuit has one song for cadence, intervals and sprints.  The goal is to connect with your body to attack each song/drill differently.  "Pedal diversity" as we call it.

3.  The 50 States ride was this weekend.  I know the rain scared people off (it was a sold out event) . . . hopefully, we get a better turn out next year.  Indoor cycling is good, outdoor cycling is better.  One should definitely inform the other.  

4.  The ride itself was under 40 miles with a pace of about 13 miles per hour.  City riding will slow you down.  A LOT!

6. Our September focus is endurance via cadence.  Once you establish your ideal cadence (lots of debate on what that is), slowly adding resistance will increase speed/watts.  Many indoor riders go straight to all-out sprint mode.  It's fun.  You lose your breath and get to feel accomplished.  A harder feat is to maintain your push over longer durations.  Let's make that the goal.

7.  Speaking of endurance.  I watched this movie called Fair Chase. The premise, inspired by the movie/book Born to Run, it that humans can outrun almost any animal.  So these endurance runners look to chase down an antelope.  Here's the trailer: 

8.  This is the last week of the Vuelta a Espana.  The cycling season will be over soon:( 

9.  Except for the cycling world championships -- this year held in Innsbruck, Austria.  It's pretty cool to watch the cyclists ride with their national teams.  Foe becomes friend and pride is on the line.   It only happens at the world championships and the Olympics.  Two years ago, the women's road race in Brazil had one of the best finishes ever.  Check it out: