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1) The cycling world championships take place in Austria this year. Race winners will wear the rainbow jersey for the next 12 months.  On the mens side, reigning champion Peter Sagan (pictured with me below) is the first person to win three consecutive jerseys. [the banner for this post shows Chantal Blaak who won the women’s race]

2. The playlist syncs to the course profile. Long pushes for long songs.

3) One day races are different than grand tours.  Theres little downtime and its an aggressive push from the beginning.  Fast start and fast finish. Innsbruck and the surrounding area is quite hilly.  The race profile for this weeks ride is based on the women’s road race.  

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4) Three hills at the end. Get ready! Below is last year’s women’s race in Bergen, Norway

5) Speaking of fast finishes. Last week, the women’s record for fastest speed on a bike was set  184 mph! It was so fast, Guinness had to change the record from fastest man and fastest woman, to just fastest PERSON!

6) We have discussed the recent research that says women are better equipped for endurance activities than men.

7) The difference in power between the genders is minimal (read more), until you get to the anaerobic phase.  The high end sprint stuff. Thats less than 2% of cycling, maybe 1 — sprints don’t happen much. All things being equal, a woman rider can hang with a man over long distance. And likely pass them on a hill.

8) This week’s doc is RAAM Bam Thank You Mam. It’s about a group of four Aussie women who look to complete RAAM (Race Across America)

9) My prediction for the world championship road race? Julian Alaphalippe or Dan Martin on the mens side and  Anna van Vleuten or Katie Hall on the women’s side.