1. This week’s profile is Women of Rap vs Women of Rock.

2. No Aretha Franklin… sorry folks.

3. Only two weeks left in the cycling season. Vuelta a Espana just finished, the Cycling World Championships are in two weeks. Here’s footage from the queen stage of the Vuelta

4. So what comes after road season? CYCLOCROSS!!!! We have two events in the area, one in Hyattsville (late September), the other in DC (in October).

5. As the road season comes to an end, what’s been your biggest accomplishment on the bike (indoor or outside)? Share your answer and win a prize during the World Championships (Week of September 23).

6. We’ll induct our first members into the #DruCru. Folks who go hard on the bike. We gotta get more folks outside in 2019!

7. I have another 90 minute class on Saturday at Tysons Corner. Last week, I had a 67 year old woman whisper in my ear that she pedaled 26 miles in 90 minutes. That’s effin awesome. And this was after telling me how her knee was hurting and not to expect too much from her during class.

8. These are the stories that keep me going. I will continue to sermonize cycling until my class is empty. For more on women’s cycling, the doc. Half the Road is worth the watch.

9. As the fall approaches, we continue our focus on maintaining effort over long(er) periods of time. When I partition the ride, I generally have three segments. This is what it looks like in my notes. So let’s not pedal songs, let’s pedal blocks of songs.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 2.16.44 PM.png