1. I stayed at the Hotel Modera.  Near Portland State, a pretty cool part of downtown.  Day 0 and the last day should be spent in nice hotels.  The others, not so much. It makes it easier to leave in the morning.

2. I did some late night writing and woke up at 730. Which is like sleeping in for me.  By 815, I was on the bike. I rode Seattle to Portland last year, 206 miles in one day, and spent two days in PDX afterward.  I never got to explore the riverfront and ride to the airport, those were my goals.

Day 1: Portland miles

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3.  A bit of drizzle and a slight tailwind on the way out; with only the reversed wind playing a role on the return trip.  I’m learning to take more pics on my treks.  Who cares about an average speed?

4. While riding, I saw a group of three brothers and sisters.  The eldest, clad in an Argentina jersey, no more than 12.  The youngest, maybe 8. They were on an errand to the stores on their bikes.  “Is that a Messi jersey?”, “Yes,” he smilingly responded. I don’t like Messi, but as I turned around to maintain eye contact, I knew it made his day.  There was no number on the back of his jersey. I’m glad. Messi is overrated. Who can’t win on a superteam?

5. Riding in the morning was really fun .  I swear there were more ppl riding to work than walking.  They even have fun with the bike lane signs.

6.  I also love the Portland bridges… all types of drawbridges.  It really speaks to the bridge aficionado in me.  First Milwaukee, now Portland.  I'm in heaven.  

7. I took a bus from Portland to Rainier. Two actually.  The ride from Portland to Rainier -- not too many great views.  

8. Rainier to Astoria is mostly along the Columbia River, thus giving you fantastic views. And it only gets better once you get to Astoria.

9.  The pics below tell the stories.