1.  I wrote an article last month during the Tour de France on different types of cyclists.  This week, for the Vuelta Espana, we focus on some more rider types.  

2.  Speaking of the Vuelta, Richmond, Virginia's own Ben King won stage 3 last week.  HELL YEAH!!!!

3.  The playlist is broken down into three, 10-minute segments:  one for the domestique, the grimpeur and the rolleur.  

4.  What type of rider are you?  I'm looking to start a testimonial page where my indoor riders share their outdoor bike feats.  I'll have a monthly prize. 

5.  And yes, there is a difference between riding inside and outdoors?  Read more here:  Understanding The Difference Between Your Indoor And Outdoor Power Numbers

6. I came across this movie of a dude who rode 'some' of Norway.  I saw "Arctic Coast" and got excited, but it wasn't THAT many miles. Pretty cool flick tho.  I found it interesting that they have bike traffic signs for cyclists in the tunnels.  Just like in Oregon.

7. One of the harsh realities of touring with a bike is that you don't get to stand-up much.  I wrestle with this in class as I know it's 'fun' to see your numbers go up and all that.  But it's due to upper-body weight adding to the force of your pedal stroke.  Once you take the seat away, that weight has to go somewhere.  

"The prevailing wisdom is that when you’re climbing at less than 75% of your VO2max, getting out of the saddle will lead to an increase in oxygen consumption compared to staying seated. That’s because when you stand up at lower intensities, the work required by your upper body muscles seems to account for a greater proportion of the overall work you’re doing. As a result, an increase in oxygen consumption is expected.  [Source: CyclingTips.com]


8.  I joked in class about the motivation one gets when pedaling through Anacostia.  I taught high school in that area and use their hills for training.  The Washington Post wrote a nice story on the new trail there.  

9.  The cycling world championships are coming up in late September. Can Peter Sagan make it 4 in a row?  I believe he is in the Vuelta to get ready for the hilly course in Austria.  I've loved Sagan for years, so it's hard for me to see all these new folks sweating him.    I am not expecting a victory, but oh how glorious it would be.