1.  Day 4 means leaving the coastline.  65ish miles to Eugene, Oregon. If there were a bus, I might have taken the bus  And yes, there’s climbing on the ride. There won’t be any dramatic views as a reward.

Breakfast in Florence, Oregon

Breakfast in Florence, Oregon

2.  I finally got a proper breakfast.  Microwave sausage and pour your own waffles from the hotel was becoming lame.  Only in the south does breakfast mean something you might pay for. My body operates so much better when I eat a proper meal beforehand.  

Problem is, I don’t like waking up early to eat.  I need about 2 hours for my food to digest before riding.

I stay in the sleeper car, but there's a cool panormic

I stay in the sleeper car, but there's a cool panormic

3.  I needed to be in Eugene by about 4pm.  My train to Oakland leaves at 5 and I wanted to visit the University of Oregon and explore the city.  I’m also a big fan of Thai food. Amtrak does feed you, but you want to bring your own food on the train to supplement.  So I needed time to pick it up.  

4.  I didn’t have phone service for the first 45 miles.  One coffee shop. A suspect looking liquor store. The towns were not on the main road.   I don't leave the main road when the town population is under 100. This meant rationing water and food.  

5.  About 10 miles outside of Eugene, a bike path emerges.  The trek was over. Easy pedal to Eugene with time to spare.

6.  University of Oregon campus is spectacular.  It spans a river with three bridges connecting the two sides of campus.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 7.35.22 PM.png

7.  Eugene is a charming town.  175k population, I've learned many Californian's have moved there.  I was especially fond of the downtown area.  The train station and the surrounding area had some really cool stores.

8.  The overnight train to Eugene was fantastic.  I would meet my friend in Oakland to ride in San Francisco.  But no more backpack!

View from the sleeper @amtrak, train 11. #amtrak #oregon

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9. Pics below.