1.  This week's profile mirrors stage 12 of the 2018 Tour de France.  In real life, it has three of the biggest climbs known in cycling.  Indoors, we attempt to mimic the effort in blocks of 10 minutes.

2. The playlist can be found here. 

3. This year's tour has been bananas.  Lawson Craddock has sown how cyclists are way tougher than soccer players

4.  He is riding with a broken scapula and stitches. (see video below)

5. Are you watching the Tour?  I wrote an article on the best ways to catch the tour in America.  

6.  The Giro Rosa, the biggest women's stage race is currently happening too.

7.  This race, held in Italy is one of the few big stage races for women.  NPR had a cool story of a group of women who are riding each stage of the tour to show France that it should have a women's race too.

8. WABA announced the date for the 50 States ride.  Let's register and make it happen!!!!!

9.  What are you doing this Saturday? I'm hosting a workshop on how to transition from indoor riding to outdoors at Equinox.  RSVP here.