1.  This week's playlist continues our year-long initiative to ride consistently over long periods of time.  A few weeks ago, we rode three, 10 minute pushes.  Today's the playlist calls for four, 6 minute efforts.  

2.  New albums from Santigold, Denzel Curry, my recurring fascination with Thelonius Monk and a new found interest in South African house music helped craft the profile.  Each 6-minute segment is bookended by a Monk track.

3. A couple of week's ago, I got attacked (online...not real life) by an indoor cycling instructor who teaches non-traditionally (i.e. tapbacks and push-ups).  He didn't like me posting Tour de France playlists.  That the rhythm riders weren't into that.  So I dedicate this one to him.  Good music is good music.  It's what you do with it that makes the difference.
4.  Truthfully, I crafted about half of my indoor cycling style from Soul Cycle instructors in NYC.  Marvin, Akin (now taking over LA), Wayne (now in DC), and my homegirl would always tell me about the mythical Rachel.    And research shows (see WSJ article) music impacts performance.   I just happen to know a decent amount about cycling so MUSIC + ENGAGEMENT + COACHING .. that's essentially my rides.  

5.  And you NEED the coaching.  As the Wall St. Journal points out, music doesn't improve performance, it only heightens existing ability.  Better said by them below:

6. You may recall my improv classes.  I still keep notes on each profile, but I"m likening them to a move script.  Minimizing my cues and allowing space for the moment.  Here's my EverNote file for this class. 

7.  Feel free to ask questions in the comments or use the Ask Dru page on this site.

8.  So how does one pedal consecutively for 6 minutes?  Learn how to breathe.  So many folks chase the thief.  They go hard for 30-45 seconds and then get out of the saddle and then recover... all within 1 minute.  Yoga for cyclists is growing in popularity.  If you can't breathe, you can't pedal.  Learn how to breathe.

9.  A few of my riders went to the Tour de France.  Please send pics if you went!!!!