1. Day 3 was rough.  The night before, I'd received some upsetting news.  Two weeks ago, my younger brother's dad passed away.  He lost his brother 6 months ago to the day.  That's tough for a 15 year old.  Anyway, some new things hit me late Thursday night and it didn't make for a good sleep.  And on top of that, the hotel WIFI WASN'T working.  And they didn't have NBCSports Network.  So I fell behind a day on the Tour de France.  I fell behind one stage.  How could they?

2. But the show must go on.  And today I have deadlines.  430 pm ferry to Milwaukee and a 1pm job interview.  I stopped feeling sorry for myself around 715am, found some food, and got going around 815.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 10.12.40 AM.png

3. The route didn't have as much shoreline as I wanted.  Pretty decent roads. Slight tailwind.  And I even saw some wild turkeys.  When you ride up on things you've never seen before, your mind can really get the best of you.  I initially thought they were baby dinosaurs.  Oh yeah, lots of antique stores.  If you need antiques, go to Michigan.

4.  When riding in desolate places, you gotta choose your rest stops carefully.  Some places let you bring your bike in.  Other's don't.  I found a little bar/store that looked like they had Gatorade but I was wrong.  I got some ice, used the rest room, and kept it moving.  Especially after I saw this on the license plate outside.  Not that redneck means bad person, but when you're in rural Michigan, you wanna see something a bit more inviting.  That said, people were overwhelmingly nice.  Lot's of waves from walkers, runners and even cars.  


5. I mentioned a job interview.  That was at 1pm.  And the ferry at 430.  I made it about 45 miles (of the 90) by noon.  But, I really needed to eat and the backpack was starting to get heavy.  I made the decision to find a ride (thank you Uber cuz my girlfriend has forbidden me from hitchhiking anymore).  I cut out about 25 miles, learned about the local area but missed the lighthouses in Grand Haven and Holland ... uggghhh.  This means I have to come back. 
6.  I found The Stable Inn and ate a grilled chicken sandwich with fries (always keep it simple) and took the phone interview.  They even let me bring my bike, named Scott La Rock, inside.  A few people came over to ask about the bike.  Spandex makes everyone your friend:)

7.  The ride from Grand Haven to Muskegon had a couple of bridge crossings.  Always blissful.  I even ran into some riders from DC who were on a bike trip themselves.  

8.  In Muskegon, I found a cab driver (lifelong resident... he provided a nice history lesson) to bring me to the Lighthouse.  I was able to leave my bike at the ferry . . . the only time we were separated. I only had 30 minutes to spare and the 6 mile round trip would be cutting it close.  Especially if I got lost.  I got some great pics and made it back to the ferry in time.  Here are some lighthouse/ferry pics

9. It was about a 5 mile bike ride from the ferry to the hotel.  Milwaukee has a quite underrated skyline.  I first saw it when watching my favorite childhood sitcom, "LaVerne and Shirley."  I used to like the Brewers too -- the Paul Molitor, Robin Yount Brewers.  And I got to take a pic 'with' Giannis.  Here are some Milwaukee pics.