UPDATE JULY 5 -- NO FANTASY TOUR DE FRANCE -- will try again next year.

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The Tour de France starts this Saturday.  It's easily the best 3 weeks of the year.  There may be 2 weeks that are better or one week, but nothing is this good for 3 weeks.  Maybe the NCAA basketball tournament, but that's only 10 days over 3 weeks,

One of the major barriers to access for cycling is its limited TV coverage.  I wrote an article that describes your viewing options for the Tour de France.  I believe the US ins the only country where you have to pay to watch the race:(

Fantasy football helped explain football to a bunch of new fans.  Fantasy cycling could do the same.  So I'm running a Tour de France fantasy cycling league.  I'll figure out a prize... something cycling related.

Go to this site to start: https://www.velogames.com/.  You will need to create your team then join my league.  The League Code is 823935413

Everyone gets 100 points to choose 9 riders.  You will need climbers, sprinters, all-rounders and then a couple of wildcard picks.

I took some screens shots to assist you. 

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Join Velo Games

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Create a profile

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Choose your team

You have 100 points to choose 9 riders.  

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Different riders for different stages

Remember, the tour has sprints and climbs and time trials.  Your team will have all-rounders, climbers, sprinters and wildcards.  

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Join the league

Once you have a team, join our league. 
League Code: 823935413

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Let the games begin!

If you have questions, reach out in the comments or via email.