Sun Ra and His Arkestra at Pitchfork Fest 2016.

  1. This playlist contains artists who performed at Bonnaroo. A four-day musical extravaganza which took place last weekend in Manchester, Tennessee.

  2. Have you ever been to an outdoor festival?  I've done a few-- Lollapalooza, Boston Calling, PitchFork Festival, a bunch of jazz and blues festivals, Roots Picnic ... but I've never camped.  Not a camper.  

  3. I published an article on Active Life DC on the playlist.  Share your favorite song in the comments area.

  4. Tour de France starts July 7!!!!

  5. We've been talking about 'recovery rate', how quickly you regain your breath two to five minutes after completing a hard effort.  

  6. Some fitness trackers capture heart rate variability,HRV, as a metric.  I'm aware of the Whoop strap, Biostrap, and Oura Ring.

  7. HRV is kinda like the next level up from just using your heart rate to track effort while riding.  The Wahoo Tickr is my favored heart rate monitor.

  8. Miguel Indurain was one of the greatest riders of the last 50 years.  This Cycling Weekly article compares his body versus yours.   

9. Have you set your fall cycling goals yet? Plan ahead! There are no indoor cycling Olympics.