This endurance-based playlist was used the week of June 10.

  1. As the Tour de France approaches, we stretch our legs a bit.  After a 15 minute warm-up, there are four 6 MINUTE+ songs.  Each with a different twist.   
  2. Here's the EverNote file with my class notes.  It's sparse, feel free to ask questions. 
  3. So how does one pedal for 6 minutes without losing their breath?  Intensity Judgement . . . understanding how hard you can push without losing output (i.e. losing your breath).  Check out this article on 3 breathing exercises for cyclists.  The more efficiently you breathe, the longer you'll be able to produce on the bike.
  4. In short, you are responsible for two things: pedaling and breathing.  Most times, one slows down because the heart can no longer support the workrate of the muscles.  The ability generate watts without straining your cardiovascular system is a key trait for cyclists.  It's called your VO2max, or the maximum volume of oxygen available for use in one minute.  This number represents an individual's cardiovascular upper limit.
  5. OK, so I'll just reduce resistance and pedal fast?  But sans speed, you are decreasing your output. This table provides one interpretation of output vs speed. Pedal STRONG, not fast.

6.  Last year, the running folks went crazy when OutSide Magazine asked "What's More Impressive: A fast Mile or a Slow Marathon?" Relating that to indoor cycling, "What's more impressive, losing your breath in one minute or maintaining it for 5?"  This playlists provides an opportunity to find out.

7.  In the endurance world, Trans AM is happening now.  4400 miles across America.   I often tell the story of women's endurance cyclist Lael Wilcox who was the first woman to win the race. You can track the 2018 race here.

8.  OK, so you come out of the saddle, conserve breath and jump up and down on the pedals... right?  Not really, it's more about cadence and the ability to get oxygen to your muscles.  Studies show higher cadence optimizes the amount of oxygen reaching your muscles.   
9. 60-minute ride in Bethesda on Saturday June 16 to honor the start of the World Cup.  All international songs from teams in the tournament.  WEAR YOUR TEAM COLORS.  CLASS PIC AFTERWARDS!!!!  Message me if you want to visit!

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