Each week, I'll share nine insights about the week's playlist and provide detail on some of the things we talk about in class. 

I'd LOVE feedback.   I'm starting to craft our 2019 goals for the bike and 'community' is a big goal of mine.  Any ideas are welcome.

1. This week's profile is based on stage 19 (pictured) of this year's Giro d'Italia.  

2. The profile favors consistent work over sharp bursts.  Even on climbs, there's a tendency to peter out at the top.  The idea is to pedal over the top and start recovery ASAP.  Think climb to flat road, as opposed to climb to downhill. 

3. After moving from August to he Giro (d'Italia) is filled with unpredictability.  A snow stage is not uncommon 

4. Back to the profile . . . the playlist mirrors the terrain.  There's a three song medley for the big hill in the middle.  Remember, on an indoor bike, endurance is the climb

5.  Speaking of endurance.  Everyone should know the name Adam Hansen.  Not because he's won a bunch of races... his palmares is worthy of respect, but for his consistency.  He was completed the last 20 grand tours.  The longest streak ever.  RESPEK! [Birdman voice] 

6.  Few artists do a better job of giving us climb material than Florence Welch (+ the Machine).  New album out soon (YAY) with "Hunger" being the lead single.   Three climbs available on this track.  

7.  I dropped in a couple of Italian songs.  If you want to learn more about Italian cycling, there's a great documentary on Marco Pantani that I highly recommend.  Here's the trailer (also below). 

8.  There are four different jerseys in the Giro.  Are you a climber (blue)? Sprinter (red)? Endurance rider (pink)? Or best young rider (white jersey -- yeah, I’m all about that last jersey too).  

9.  Why nine things?  9 was my late brother's favorite number.  Plus, 10 is so cliché.