1) This week’s profile (Evernote link) is a three song medley: time trial, builds,  and intervals. Each track (Spotify playlist here) asks for something different . . let’s pedal with purpose. 

2) I recent recently subbed a class and a rider asked me what level resistance she should be on.   I said, “I don’t know. It’s based on feel.”   After class, she revealed that she is used to the instructor dictating a level (gear number) and she would try and pedal as hard as she could.  it is also how she got injured . . . by pedaling at a resistance level that was unattainable. 

3) Add/lose resistance, increase/decrease  cadence  and change bike position.  Those are the options .   I provide opportunities for effort via the profile and playlist.  I can’t really tell you how much resistance to add.  Just when you might want to make a decision.  
4) Cycling, running and rowing are the three gym activities with outdoor equivalents.  I make every effort to emulate outdoor cycling when we ride.  There’a a purpose behind each drill, dictated by the energy of the track.   
5) I try to teach class on two levels . . . like the Simpsons.  Seasoned riders are looking for a different outcome than a rider with less than 10 classes under their belt.  Yes, indoor cycling is accessible to all.  No, it doesn’t always end like an episode of Full House.  The last 2 minutes aren’t always victorious.  You don’t win every song.  The goal is it to learn something about yourself in the process.  

6) Jenny Graham recently broke the record for riding a bike around the world. 18,400 miles in 12 4 days.  We continue to use her trip as inspiration.  

7) Continuing our art theme . . . (cycling season starts in January!!!!) we focus on the symbolists. Symbolists were less focused on the technical execution of a painting.  Instead they stress the emotionality of a piece . . . the feelings it exudes and ideas it generates.  

There was something very grounding about it, being by yourself and having nothing else to do than turn that wheel.

8) I caught a pretty good YouTube doc on some folks pedaling across Japan.  They didn’t go THAT far each day, but they did go a long long way overall.  I’m super looking forward to getting back into distance riding in 2019.  

9) “Scream” by Edvard Munch is a classic example of symbolist art — our mural is a take on Munch by Hannah Warren.  In class, let’s take some time to focus less on the numbers and let the legs emote.  I’ve included songs (see Hendrix, Dido, Fugazi) where the artist emotes through music.