1. It’s weird but I really lose my motivation to write once the road cycling season ends. That said apologies for missing the last 2 weeks of posts.

2. Last week, I was away in Vermont for a few days, Montpellier. I also made it to Chicago for the marathon. No, I didn’t run.

3. Vermont became state number 28 (+DC) I have ridden a bike in. Here are some pics:

4. This week we pay homage to cyclocross. Considered 60 minutes of hell, it’s a lot different than road cycling.

5. Like cyclocross, here isn’t a lot of recovery on this ride. The idea is to find a pace which you find challenging and appropriate for the given duration.

6. The playlist is a three song circuit: A time-trial, an Interval and a sprint. The goal is to pedal efficiently and aggressively for each segment of the circuit.

7. Between each circuit, I threw in some Ornette Coleman, master of free jazz. I really dig his unorthodoxy. I recently was told I should get certified in XYZ company because I wrote an article saying you should not pedal over 120 rpms. Huh? I ain’t knocking folks who want to pedal fast. It’s just not my thing. It’s ok to be different… right? Peep Coleman here.

8. Here are my notes (in Evernote) on the ride. I stress MY notes . . . I use Evernotes and study this like a script. Learning the flow of the ride is just as important as designing it.

9. DC Cyclocross takes place this week. IT’S FREE!!!!