1 This week’s profile (link to EverNote file with notes) consists of two song sets. The first song is a wildcard and the second song is an interval track. Hence one song & (and) then intervals.

2. We’ve worked hard this year to extend the length of our intervals. 60 to 90 second pushes are now commonplace for use. You can even work in and out of the saddle! . It’s all about sustained effort.

3. Intervals are the fastest way to improve your cardiovascular capacity. Often runners use indoor cycling intervals as cross training.

4. This year, we’ve celebrated extended pushes. Who needs sprints? Certainly not this guy! You hear me tease the 105 year old cyclist who rode 14 miles in an hour. Well, he’s back on the bike just short of turning 107.

5. When doing intervals, it is important to maintain the effort. Understanding how cadence, resistance, bike position and breath control come together over a certain duration is important.

6. The tired triad of indoor cyclists pedaling uber fast, breathing heavy, coming out of the saddle, breathing heavier and then back in recovery is the bane of my existence. Everyone gets tired upon over-exertion . . . learn how to NOT get tired.

7. Some athletes use a heart rate monitor to gauge effort. You can sync your bike monitor to your Stages bike as well.

8. Here’s the playlist. A little bit of everything on the list. If you have song ideas for next year, please send them my way.

9. We channel out inner Mark Rothko for the ride. He used solid blocks (kinda like our effort blocks) of contrasting or opposing colors. Our effort blocks should be just that. Laden with effort, no gimmicks, no tricks, just effort. The Phillips Collection, where I’m a proud member, in Adams Morgan has a Rothko room. It’s worth checking out.